TF1 managed to make Zinedine Zidane cry…..

13 exceptional minutes, the one where Zinedine Zidane appeared on the French channel Téléfoot. Zidane is the jewel of France, a jewel who shone as a player and continues to shine as a coach.

Zidane sits in a cinema looking at what he has achieved throughout his playing career. He smiles remembering the fame, before crying because of his love for his family. The footage Zidane is looking at showed a previous conversation with him saying: « I dedicate my goal to my mum and my dad. They are in Marseille now and I salute them. » What do you say to your father? Zidane replies: « What can I say? I tell him that I love him very much. » The scene shifted to Zidane’s father’s speech about his son. And here the legend, Zain al-Din himself, couldn’t help but cry. « He loves me, » Zidane’s father said. « He doesn’t usually say that to me, but he loves me. » « He said, I’m not telling him I love him, but I love him. » Maybe ashamed to tell you? Zidane’s father replied: « I’m not ashamed of it. » « I’m not ashamed to tell him I love him. When I talk to my kids on the phone, I tell them that. I tell them I love them very much. » Then Zidane’s conversation started with Madrid’s Telefoot reporter. Zidane needed a few minutes to be able to speak. Seeing his family and family made him completely crumble. He started by saying, “Pictures speak. It’s my life. He continued, « My first tear fell today when I saw my dad talking about me. My dad always affects me. He’s the ideal for us in the family. » He continued, « My dad and mom have always been my guides in my life. And when things turn around for you in the role of a dad and your life is always busy, I say they made a special work with me. They taught me very well. And that is invaluable at any cost.

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